day 685 | august 9, 2013 | Of Growing Things

We had the honor of attending a one of a kind "trees and plants" party thrown by mommy E of bottomsupblog for lovely lady Layla. We loved their party last year, and we love the same cozy, relaxed vibe this year.

Mommy E has a flair for pretty. I can never get my tables to look that nice! :) Red ogles the food; She's set her sights on her next meal.
 Lovely shy smiles from Z, who's literally clinging on to mommy's skirt tail. :)
Roo made her own terrarium with some help from me. Initially, she was quite squeamish about touching soil and dirt. She had completed one, but it didn't really feel like she liked it or enjoyed it. As she lifted up her plastic container, it toppled over and her plant got buried under a mess of rock and soil and seashells.
Perhaps it was a fortunate accident, as Roo was noticeably more engaged and felt more emotionally invested the second time around. She took off her gloves and handled the soil with her bare hands. She was a lot more attentive to what the plant needed for the terrarium to work. I didn't have to help much too, which for this lazy mommy, is always a good thing. :)

I particularly like this activity, because the process of planting is messy, and requires a roll-up-your-sleeves don't-care-if-i-get-dirty get-the-work-done kind of attitude. Then as it grows, it requires regular attention to ensure that the process is sustained. It's a lot like life and learning -- and while I've tried to communicate the parallelisms to Roo, I just got a patronizing smile. Yup.
Happy hang-out! :)
... and raiding Layla's colorful book collection.
I don't know if it's just me, but Layla and Roo look like sisters in the Black and White shot below. :) 
As a special treat, I got these yummilicious smiles from Z -- and got inspired by mommy E's comics on the wall. (Our party theme tomorrow is Science!) :)
 Happy to note, that close to one month after we made the terrarium, it's still alive! :)

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