day 687 | september 8, 2013 | Roo and Red's Science Party!

Oh happy day. This celebration went by in a happy blur for me, but the reward at the end of it were the happy smiles from all the kids in the party, great feedback from the little ones on what they enjoyed, and the giddy expressions in Roo and Red's face when it was time to sing the birthday song for them. I tend to forget about grown-ups when I'm with the little ones -- so I do hope they had fun too. No decor, not much of a goodie bag, and just pure focus on fun activities to get the little ones thinking and smiling. Thankful I managed to capture some snaps to remember the day by.
Science Cupcakes from Let Them Eat Cake. Can you find the 2 ponies who managed to sneak into the theme?
Red claims her favorite...
We had set aside a baby and nursing room as sanctuary from all the older noisy kids -- but most of our baby guests were not able to stay on... So this became a jumping room for Roo and her friends.
Amah and Ah Kong swing by to greet the kids, and offer yummy jellies and kuropok for the party.
As soon as the kids arrived, Roo would then orient them to our fun guide which they needed to label with their names using Daddy's handy dandy label machine.
After they've labelled their fun guides, the first stop is the kids' room, aka Laboratory 1.
Here, the kids built 5 simplified molecular models using homemade clay and straw connectors.
Red's version of a molecular bond.
The rest of the kids got it though.
It tickled me whenener the kids would tap me to say "Roo-mommy, I made Carbon Dioxide. Can you please check?"
The kids made alcohol! *Snicker*
After they built something, they were then given a sticker to fill in their fun guide. Happy to say all the kids worked on all 5. Some of the younger ones got a light touch on Sugar by simply making a lollipop out of one ball and one stick. Our Lead Scientist is very gentle-hearted; I would have insisted the little one sit down and sort it out. Grin. :)
 Next stop is Laboratory 2, where we blew up balloons in a fun way.
This room was such a hit, I should have gotten more tubes and secured an assistant to run the show. :) We managed it by working with three kids at every turn, and everyone else got to watch on the sidelines. There were 2 baloons which ended up slightly mutated, and 1 baloon that blew up, but the rest were fine.
Later on, the bigger kids were confident enough to run the show without me. :)
Sticking this sticker was H's idea of preparing for the party. Of course, it will be the one one room which intrigued the boys.
For Laboratory 3, we needed to re-use Laboratory 1. The little ones took turns to get the room ready. Love that clean-up is part of the play. :)
May I just add that Dyson Animal is the best vacuum cleaner ever! This coming from someone completely un-domesticated.
Finally, we were on Experiment 3 Make Your Own Lava Lamp!
The kids got to choose the color they wanted for their lava lamp, and my hands were stained with lovely rainbow colors. :)
DIY Lava Jars! Shake for bubbles.
Birthday song and cupcake time!
Asked Roo and Red to close their eyes and make a wish. Took Red a much longer time to make her wish, so she didn't get a chance to blow the candles!
 Finally, it was time to bring the kids down for a demonstration of Coke Explosion.
Didn't get to capture the magic moment, and the explosion was much smaller than during our testing, but the kids still loved it. :)
The kids managed to get a few minutes to run around in the greens before it was time to head back home. 
Overheard Roo's conversation with her friends: "So fun! This is the BEEEEESSSST party Eh-Ver!" To which Roo responds smugly, "I know, right?" Hair flip.

So tired, but oh so happy. We loved that several of our little friends were making smart observations and asking intelligent questions. Several parents will be kept busy after this exploration, but that's the way we planned it. Hope they went home with brains full of questions and ideas, and continue being curious.

Wonder where the kids' curiosities will bring us to next year? :)


pc said...

Such a nice party, Steph!

I was searching and getting myself to organise a party. One of them, Science Workshop, popped in goggle search and made me considering for a while. ha! lucky me did not. Coz apparently you are much better;)!

Happy birthday to both your girls:)

libpuritan said...

Thanks PC! Just following the kids' cue. :) I was quite tempted to go for a Science Party Event organizer as well to save on the hassle -- but Roo and Red wouldn't have had the chance to help and be involved as much as they were for this party. So win-win, really. :)

Looking forward to shooting with you soon! :)

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