day 688 | september 22, 2013 | Just Another Day

We had Roo and Red's joint birthday party during Roo's birth date. For Red's birth date, I wanted to have an intimate and simple celebration for the family. Even though I didn't want something elaborate, I wanted it to be memorable for the kids. We were thrown a couple of curveballs before the celebration -- Daddy went away to Geneva, and Roo was weak with Gastric Flu and could only take very simple food little at a time. I was coming from back-to-back shoots the day before, and had to make-up time in my tutoring sessions with my younger brother, so there wasn't really a lot of time to plan and get something in order.

The kids were a lot more zen, and reminded me that the frills are not really important.  When asked what they wanted, they simply wanted me to spend time with them -- playing and chilling out. Their responses reminded me that the simplest joys sometimes leave more lasting imprints.

We started the morning opening gifts. They received plenty during the party, and we've agreed to open one every two weeks, so we're covered for the next few months. :) Red's been eyeing her big sister's scooter, and I've been meaning to get something less girly for Roo, so I finally got them scooters they can grow into.

Once the scooters were assembled, the kids went out for a spin around the park...
...which got them sufficiently worn out to nap together in the coziness of my single bed. :) (Got some work done, finally!)
We asked Red what she wanted for her birthday, and she responded with her fervent wish to #1 blow her own birthday candles and to #2 dance to Galang and Evacuate the Dancefloor.
Chatting with my Mom and younger brother in Manila
Lady L helped us buy cupcakes from 12 Cupcakes, which we used to prop up Red's birthday candles. We also got help from my mom and younger brother, who sang the birthday song in Filipino through Skype. Roo sang the birthday song in Bahasa Melayu, then in Mandarin, while I stuck to an English rendition.
Birthday wish #1 getting fulfilled. :)
And the giddy girl, helping herself to birthday wish #2. :)
In essence, all they really asked for is togetherness -- and I love that they're growing up with an appreciation of the simple things. It's really just another day, but it's another day spent together, and the little ones make me believe that there's magic in that.
"There were once sisters 
who were not afraid of the dark, 
because the dark was full of the other's voice across the room. 
Because even when the night was thick and starless, 
they walked home together. 
Because sometimes, 
in the pitch of night, 
they'd lie down on their backs...
look up until the stars come back...
they'd reach their arms up to touch them, 
and did." 
- Jandy Nelson, The Sky Is Everywhere

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pc said...

I just read a book and it said: "growing up, children are happier with 'doing' than with 'having'." I think you have just proof that;)!

Love the simplicity yet meaningful moment.

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