day 692 | august 17, 2013 | KL Food Trip

Quite pleased that my little ones have developed into some of the most portable kids around. I braved a trip with Red yet again, in the company of fellow blogging mommy, PC of ScrapMumLoft. The primary objective -- in fact, the only real objective -- was to hunt down good cheap eats around KL.

We kicked off with a Banana Leaf Rice with Curry paired with refreshing Mango Lassi at Nirwana Maju. Red liked the fried red vegetable -- not quite certain which vegetable it is. I enjoyed everything, though struggled to finish their mountain of rice!
Scooted off from Bangsar to Jalan Dutamas to check out Publika for dessert as well as to view Celest Thoi's beautiful designs in her newly opened boutique (Check out her work here).
 Red enjoyed the ambiance and flipping through books at Journal by Plan B
After picking up a gorgeous gown upstairs, we couldn't resist going back down for some more snaps, especially of the old typewriters on display...
Shortstop for rainbow cupcakes and coffee at Lola Cakes @ Wondermilk
 Letting Red loose in the mall wasn't such a great idea...
Love Publika mall for all it's kiddie shops though. They have a craft workshop called Art Kids Store, where we picked up a couple of cardboard crafting Makedo kits.
Chilled out at our home away from home -- Maya Hotel, right across from Zouk along Jalan Ampang. While I wouldn't have minded late night dancing and drinks, I don't think they would have let me in with a 2 year old in tow.
Soon, we had the heavy burden of deciding where to have dinner. :) Where oh where?
Jalan Alor was an easy pick. This is one of the few places in the world where people can eat on the road.  This, while cars and motorbikes are sidelined into a narrow path, and carefully navigate the human traffic who are blissfully gobbling.
Tired baby, Sleeps anywhere
The next morning, we went off into an early morning adventure in Petaling Street, and treated ourselves to yummy porridge and saucy chee cheong fan from the "Famous Porridge" stall.
Red was bleary eyed and exhausted, but managed to get a refresher in KLCC. I remembered there was a kiddie room at Isetan, which they've now converted into a small drop-off play corner called i-Kids Club.
A quick char kway teow at Little Penang Cafe and more cupcakes at Bisou, and off we were bidding goodbye to our meantime home, dragging luggage and purchases to our bus ride home.
I'd meant to set some exclusive time with Red, as she's often sidelined as Roo and I converse in grown-up tones and sometimes with very grown-up subject matter. It's good to be able enjoy my baby for her toddler ways, especially as she's growing up quicker than her big sister did. Is it too early to feel the "empty nest syndrome"? 

So proud of my travel-hardy little runt. My proudest moment: when Red introduced me to the immigration officer by saying "Her name is Stephanie. She's MY mommy." 

With a smile like that (complete with drippy nose), I'm all yours, baby!
Comfortably tucked into our double-decker bus on the way back home. :)

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pc said...

Great to have you, partner! Extremely memorable trip for me, thanks for fulfilling my desire to rejoice my city and revisit my "yesteryear" (hope I wasn't so much of a intruder between Red and you;))

My next trip home with my family, gonna bring them to Publika, let the kids explore the place and I sip coffee at Journal by plan B!

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