day 706 | may 31, 2014 | Holi Color Fight

With many thanks to Mommy E of Bottomsupblog, we were finally able to throw another color fight party -- something which we'd intended to do since the first time we tried it two years ago. I ran much less this time around, and was very deliberate in rubbing various colors into people's faces and bodies, especially the untarnished ones. Less wasted powder that way, as compared to throwing. :) The bigger kids definitely had more fun than the littler ones.

Won't babble on, and will let the images tell the story. Tons of fun. And if you want ideas on running this activity yourself, go ahead and check out these kid-friendly holi party tips.
Getting armed and ready
Ammo for the little ones -- a goopy potato starch concoction which was quite gross. :)
Holi powders from India in lovely vibrant colors + Random food stuff we can throw around
Battle ready
And the young ones who think that this war is not necessary. :)
Seriously trying to have a serious conversation...
Powder bath
After-party and goodbye-for-nows for the little ones...

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Unknown said...

Steph, I LOVE the pic of Z crying! It's too funny! I mean, it's mean of us to find it funny, but it just is!!! Good to meet with you again :)

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