day 708 | june 21, 2014 | Flow Anilao

I've been following FlowSurfYogaSamba for a while now. They specialize in running retreats hosted in various beach resorts in the Philippines (and expanding into Indonesia). So when they posted about a quick getaway from the urban jungle on the same weekend we were in Manila, just had to grab the opportunity. The proposition was simple enough:

"Renew and refresh with a relaxing yoga class.
Learn the Brazillian martial art of Capoiera.
Dive and explore the colorful coral reefs of Anilao.
Learn how to prepare healthy eats.
Lounge and unwind on the resort's sun deck."

The little ones mostly did the lounging (and laughing at their mommy and daddy's attempts to be more flexible). The highlight of the trip for me was diving again after such a long time. I was nervous going into the water, and worried that I'd forgotten how to use equipment. It surprisingly came easier than I expected. Doing yoga before diving seems to have lent me a certain calm. I don't remember being as steady and zen in all my previous dives as I did on this one. Will be trying more yoga before the next dive!

Definitely signing up for another retreat -- something with surfing and samba, somewhere in Palawan or Siargao...(and for a longer period!) :) Felt so re-energized after this trip!

Many places to just chill...
More places to dive in the Philippines. Cebu is next on the list.
Shades of blue
Always ready for a swim!
Kids love Neutrogena Wet Skin spray! Now part of our swim ritual.
Kai's born a fish, and walks on water! :)
Red's so lucky her big sister looks out for her...
Goodie bag!
He makes it look so easy...
Little lounger

Healthy nibbles
Morning yoga: grass beneath our feet, blue sky, sunrise blinding us in some angles, and the waves singing in our ears. 
Flow Anilao Group shot
At the end of it, we didn't want to leave...

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