day 714 | november 11, 2013 | Narvik, Norway

Leaving Abisko over Sunrise
The intent was simple. Norway sat right there, far too close to where we were for peace of mind. Narvik was within comfortable driving distance from Abisko -- we wanted to see the other side, and try whale meat in one of the few places in the world that have it on the menu.

Whaling is a part of the culture for coastal Norway, with Tromso the more popular town for it. Try anything at least once, as long as my conscience can live with it. That, and reassurance that we were dining on a common minke whale, a Least Concern species that is not considered threatened or conservation dependent. Checked it off my list, but wouldn't look for it.

Throughout the drive, I loved the way the icy landscape shifted with slopes, edges, colours, and sunlight. As we entered northern Norway, some of the scenes from our windows were eerily bare and haunting. Imagine artic cold, and your next door neighbor at least 20-30 minutes walk away. I wonder how this place looks like during summer...

Snaps from a border-run in Samiland...

Northern borderlands
"Narvik was founded as an all year ice-free port for the Kiruna and Gallivare iron mines."
Scribble corner
Hvalgryte / Whalestew
A serving of whalestew
A ski trail through the city
Drive back to our Abisko home

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