day 717 | november 8, 2013 | Stockholm

Stockholm was the city gateway to our Northern Lights adventure. The point of origin for our flight to Kiruna, and the final stop for our train back from the north.

We had to adjust to both the temperature (-2 to +2), as well as the very short daylight hours. This was a good transitional stop to mentally prepare us for what -30 might feel like coming from +30 in the tropics. Strange to have sunset over the city at 3pm, but the combination of cold and dark is always a good excuse to start sipping.

Several things to love -- especially enjoyed how most of the city is situated by the water. With city lights reflected in the rippling currents of the bay and boats of all shapes, colours and sizes sprinkled across, walking was both effortless and a visual treat. Beautiful architecture in Gamla Stan, charming museums, wonderful dining experiences (Frantzen! and Gastrologik), good coffee, our beds located in idyllic parts of town, and very polite people, many of whom are beautiful. Very little to complain about. Let the images tell the story...

My bubbly travel buddy!

Sunset by the water

Nordiska Museet - Exterior
Like Anna's gloves in Frozen
Nordiska Museet – I loved the sensitivity and tone they took in the displays. Interactive exhibits. I particularly loved the exhibit on the Sami people.
Nordiska Museet - Interior
Nordiska Museet
We sat at the cafĂ©/resto by Djurgarden (by the water), where we met a Filipino/Swedish waiter named Joey. He’s been working there for about 6 years, and shares with us that there are 3 Filipino sari-sari stores in Stockholm. His whole family has settled there and they are enjoying good healthcare and education for free. In fact, children get an allowance from the government for going to school. Almost made us want to relocate. He cautions that housing is expensive though, especially in the city. Sounds like a similar narrative as Singapore.
Walking around Gamla Stan. The narrow cobblestone walking paths with quaint cafes, bars, shops on either side. Cozy and full of personality, and for a big city, they know how to make you feel like you’re coming into your regular neighbourhood hang-out.
Tyger & Tidlosa Tyng, Gamla Stan
Libations at Corner Bar, and that Fall Special drink which reminded me of Pisco Sours.
Boat home for a night
Walked through Slussen to get to our Rygerfjord Boat home -- a Nordic boat with lots of history behind it, has since docked in Stockholm as a hostel.
View as one leaves the city

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