day 724 | May 24, 2015 | Langkawi

A pure escape trip with two beautiful souls, equal parts strong and confident, soft and vulnerable. My first girly trip in a long long while -- and it was really brought on by fabulous chemistry with my companions. Feel blessed having met them when I did, and continually fortunate to get to know them on a daily basis.

The Danna was gorgeous. A view of the docked boats (which don't seem to be moving) at the Marina, lush greens in the backdrop, regular call to prayer from the nearby mosque, cows moo-ing whenever they felt like it. We drafted plans a few days before the trip, alpha-females unite. Yoga mornings, rainforest after dark, cable car, jungle trek, mangrove cruise, and of course, massages. 

Arrived at the Danna, welcomed with a shoulder massage, and at that first contact, the activity plan went downhill. Still did a lot of things, just not what we originally thought we would do -- a three-day intensive conversation which were punctuated by nibbles and cocktails, ice cream service by the beach, enviously watching couples make out by the water, long walks looking for a reggae bar we never got to, massages, taking our sweet time enjoying really good Lebanese food while enjoying the equally good view, bedtime music swapping, beers by/in the pool, and learning to float and let go. 

Good energy, recharge and leaning back on good advice, every time I think of Langkawi. And in this case, the company defined the destination. Thank you, ladies!

"this is the first thing that comes to mind when you asked for something good. my most simplest of days. here are some other things: that feeling you get when you're with your favorite people -- it feels a lot like belonging, like you're understood, like for a moment nothing is or could go wrong. how, for some reason, you can never hide happiness. this song. crossed fingers of hope. when you get to see and touch the person you've been missing; how your heart bursts with colour.

my love, no matter how long it takes, you're always going to make your way back to the found. sometimes it might just take the compass you have in your heart a bit longer to find its way again. remember the love; remember the light; remember the warmth. take care of yourself."
- Anthea Yang, Constellations from Home

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