day 730 | March 20, 2015 | Siloso Beach Resort

Donut happy! Floaters and slides
Singapore adventure with the kids. My younger brother visited us for his school holidays, and thought it a good opportunity to do a hydro-centric staycation at Siloso Beach Resort. The girls and I have been there a couple of times to visit friends, and the kids took an instant liking to the pool and the proximity to the beach. The landscape pool is said to contain natural spring water harvested from the hill's underground reserves. Another draw was the hotel's claim to be committed to environment preservation, with resident flora and fauna minimally displaced by hotel operations.

Between the pool, jacuzzi, and beach, didn't manage to drag the kids to the Eco Tour. There's supposed to be a walking tour with Eco learning huts, as well as rooftop and vegetable gardens. We'll get to those in the next visit. The kids were sufficiently blissed out by water play and an assortment of lovely playmates who came to visit with us.

Happy snaps!
My trio of trouble
Water slides! 
"That... was.. AWE-SOME!" right after catching her breath
Just love cannonballs :)
Raisin toes
Empty beach on a weekday, lovely
The sleepover brigade
The pooltime brigade
Playmate kit -- Just add water
She smiles like a lady, while I grin like a little kid :)

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