day 196 | march 14, 2009 | Bangkok at Night

"coin bowls lined up at wat po temple." barely had any time to be touristy in bangkok. i missed my flight going there, and my flight back to KL was moved forward by 4 hours. precious hours of daylight. instead of moping about for lost opportunities, i smiled gleefully and dragged my workshop companions along for a night of shooting.

i have not viewed bangkok at night with the same eyes before. usually, i'm in a spa getting wagyu-d, or having leisurely dinner at a restaurant with friends. (or that one single time, checking out the various skills of women in pat pong's lively night trade as my mom talks to me about "realities of life".)

nailed my first panning shot! whoopee. somehow, while i was street shooting, i remembered KLguy and his patience in trying to teach me how to shoot in manual mode during his photo walk. i think he would be proud. i think. 


Anonymous said...

hi steph! lovely pics! will go to bangkok this year. hope i'll have great pics, like yours.! have a great weekend! :)

libpuritan said...

thanks kg! enjoy! when this year? i want to go to chiang mai, but i'm fresh out of budget. hehe

Anonymous said...

Wow !!!!

So nice ..
So professional ..

Really really very impressive work here.


kg said...

we'll be there this august. am so excited. hope I can take pics as nice as yours! :)

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