day 388 | august 1, 2010 | mangoRED high

finally meeting ryan and randall dagooc of mangoRED reminds me of how i felt when my dad allowed me my first taste of beer at 5 years old. it was decadently naughty, but surprisingly, somehow permissible. intrinsically, you knew you were bending some conventions as you did it, and as you ran around the house mildly buzzed, you felt like you were seeing the world with new kaleidoscope eyes. i was so ecstatic about it that hubby got mildly jealous as i was packing up for this trip.  =)

the brothers shared their shooting philosophy, their methods, as well as their post-processing style. learning from them was like hanging out with a few cool (albeit semi-high) friends whose craft is more instinctive than technical. and that really is the point. their art is in-your-face, and requires a photographer to drop the bullshit, and focus on instinct and feel. i came to learn the method in their madness, and found out that the key is having a little bit of madness in your methods. and i love 'em for it!

one of the extra-special perks was also chatting them up about back-stories to a few of my favorite shoots -- and to discover the utter simplicity in their execution. it's 50mm, JPG, color temp tinkering, off-camera flash, and a seeming aversion to sharpness. theirs is a land where concept lords over technique. my brain has been tickled. thank you.
instructors - mangoRED brothers ryan and randall dagooc
stylist - geof gonzales
model - purple glass studio's pilar and conrad
make-up artist - purple glass studio's jacky agabon
facilitators - purple glass studio, lorenz and calay

1 comment:

Nicholas Leong said...

Ooo loving those funky shots :D Looks a bit different from what you would normally shoot :)

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