day 479 | july 14, 2011 | of bouncing bunnies and dating anniversaries

"something random turned into something awesome..." - yuna

this weekend, you went neurotic just because i wasn't feeling well. similar to how you neurotically researched car safety ratings because you know for a fact i'm naturally accident prone. thanks for being a kid with the kids. watching you with roo and red is beyond beautiful. thanks for sticking salonpas on me after a particularly tiring shoot, and getting lost driving around singapore for 2 hours just to bring me to a new place, and indulging my odd cravings like having cheng tng by the beach at 11pm. thanks for weaving a language that only the two of us understand, a sacred playful circle we can play in even in the company of others. and most importantly, thanks for holding me close even though sometimes i may be pulling away.

seven years, dearest. congratulations to us! there are rough patches here and there. we both know it's not going to be smooth all over. but here's to keeping the promise to remember the right things and centering ourselves on what matters most. big hugs.


Mimi - SleeplessInKL said...

Happy anniversary, Steph =)

Ai Ling said...

Happy Anniversary, you two! :-)

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